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Ziza Bafana stings Bebe Cool over giving reckless cheating tip to women

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Just days after South Africa-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan shared her view on infidelity, advising women to cheat for money and material things because men also do it for the most trivial of reasons like brown thighs, singer Bebe Cool has added his two cents.

He advised women to have standards and not assume that the men/public figures that smell and look good have everything on lock. That they are the most deadbeat. That having children with them can turn into a nightmare.

Bebe, therefore, urged the women to only consider dating such men for pleasure, the farthest they go should be coitus after which they should log out. That most of these men are still trying to figure things out and adding the responsibility of child on them is a huge risk.

However, singer Ziza Bafana was not impressed and has since questioned Bebe Cool by virtue of the fact that he is a parent and has daughters. He wondered if the Wire Wire singer would share the same advice with his brood at home.

Bafana suggested that Bebe Cool should have advised the women to abstain instead.

This comes just weeks after singer Bruno K and his baby mama, a one Vanessa, dominated local entertainment news after she accused him in the media of neglecting their son who is now three years old.

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