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Ziza Bafana out on Police bond following Kabale arrest

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Embattled singer Ziza Bafana’s comeback received a set back after he was booked at a police station and not his hotel room

The singer was arrested in the wee hours of Sunday after his performance at Little Ritz Gardens in Kabale Municipality.

The promoters who masterminded his arrest, accused him of not performing at a scheduled concert at the same venue years ago when he left them counting losses.

Before COVID 19, Bafana was paid to perform in Kabale but before he could stage his performance, he realized that the show was massively attended than expected.

He turned against the agreement and refused to perform requesting extra money from the organizers”.



“The organizers refused to give him the extra money he wanted hence his departure from the venue and returned to Kampala leaving them in trouble to pay for the damages,” a source reported

After putting up a spirited performance late Saturday night, promoters who had booked him to perform before COVID 19 resurrected the case at Kabale Central Police Station hence having him arrested.

Based on a video footage Bafana’s buddies were seen filming the situation while claiming how the singer was arrested for no reason.

“Kabale Police have arrested us; we have not done anything but they have arrested us. They are taking us to the police. Bafana has been arrested,” Bafana heard in the video.

We have since learnt that the issue was settled and Ziza Bafana set free.  When he was set free he took a tour in town on a boda boda.  He later took to social media and celebrated his release, “Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you. Kabale see you next time.” He wrote.


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