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Ziza Bafana delivers electrifying performance at carnival

by Editorial Team
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By Ignatius Kamya

Ziza Bafana continued to prove he is a stage king when it comes to live performance after putting out a massive performance at Kajjansi during his Ziza Bafana Dancehall Carnival at Kajjansi. 

The “Nsolo” hit maker held his first show in nearly five years and all those that went to Kajjansi Clays playground surely got a value for their money after Bafana putting up an energyetic performance singing almost every hit song of his. 

The presence of DJ Ssuna Ben excited the revellers. Photo by Ignatius Kamya

With a relatively good crowd, Bafana said he was extremely happy that he got them yet the show wasn’t held in town. 

Bafana said he might not hold again the mega concerts in Kampala but rather have such shows in play grounds because of the love he had received from the one at Kajjansi. 

These loaded revellers had an engaging evening. Photo by Ignatius Kamya

He came on stage at 1am amidst a lot of loud cheers from the audience and perfomed almost all the first session with his face covered. 

He went on to perform his best songs which sent the crowd wild with lots of dancing and cheering. The loudest moment from the crowd however came at 3am when Suuna Ben and Mbaziira Tonny of the Binyanyanyanya came on stage.

It was a full house as Ziza Bafana performed in Kajjansi. Photo by Ignatius Kamya

Artists including Maddox Ssematimba, Pallaso, Khalifah Aganaga, Pr.Wilson Bugembe among others entertained the crowd

There was time for theatrics on stage. Photo by Ignatius Kamya
Maddox Sematimba entertained the crowd with a medley of his songs. Photo by Ignatius Kamya
Excited fans raided the stage during the performances. Photo by Ignatius Kamya

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