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Zex Bilangilangi, Vamos 256 do justice on Konkona remix

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Zex Bilangilangi is known for his boundless energy in live performances, and the pure chaos he invokes in his crowds.  It is a trait fast-rising singer Vamos 256 shares. 

During the Club Dome sponsored Adekunle Gold performance in July at the Lugogo cricket oval, the two singers, who performed that night were seen locked in conversation backstage. 

Three weeks later, there is a remix of the Konkona song. Over the weekend they released a remix of the song.  The dancehall version has since been baptized the “knock, knock” remix.

Singer Vamos 256 has enjoyed a meteoric rise since he was unveiled by Fenon Records. Courtesy Photo

The original song was done by Steve Jean at Fenon Records and the remix was released by Axtra Nation studios and was produced by Artin Producer.

Vamos 256’s vocal delivery is strong on the song. It is Zex Bilangilangi hoarse voice where he mumbles through the song that gives it that danceable vibe.

Vamos 256’s star is fast rising. A few months ago, a new singer was signed to Fenon Records, the same company that does event production under Fenon Events. Vamos 256 released the song titled Konkona at a media only invite party.  

The song has since then become a household song with thousands of Tiktok users creating dance challenges for it, this didn’t leave out celebrities like Ykee Benda, Chosen Becky and Eddy Kenzo among others.

For singer Zex Bilanjilanji, he didn’t want only a dance challenge on Tiktok but also how to add his voice to the song.

The Konkona remix has already been uploaded on different music streaming platforms like Youtube, spotify, Deezer and Amazon among others

A sneek-peek of the collaboration between Zex Bilanjilanji and Vamos 256

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