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Zari’s influence faded long ago, says Olaxess

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

A career in showbiz is not forever, they say. In the life of every celebrity, there comes a time when they have to choose a different path to live a simple life, away from the limelight. Sadly, many miss that memo.

Following socialite Zari’s flopped pool party at Pearl of Africa Hotel over the weekend, many critics have weighed in on the 42-year-old’s relevance or lack of it on Uganda’s social scene.

Among them are social media critic and president of Uganda’s bloggers, Isma Olaxess. He believes that Zari’s time is up and she should take a leap of faith and quit the social scene.

Isma Olaxess

“The writing is on the wall. Zari’s influence faded away a long time. She should focus on charity works if she still wants to be relevant,” Olaxess said.

Zari isn’t the type to keep quiet after some barbs are thrown at her.

In a long rant, she claimed the event flopped because it was not well advertised, adding that she was just a host, not the event’s planner, so she still was paid even after it flopped. She is, however, not happy with Ugandans who are blasting her on social media.

“Let all dogs now bark at me. It is public knowledge that events flop. There is nothing new. I was paid. It is the planners who never did their job. I am a top brand. Some of you are criticising me yet you used table salt to brush your teeth this morning and are not sure of the next meal. By the way, I am trending,” she fumed.


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