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Zari plays on people’s emotions with Shakib breakup suggestions

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Socialite Zari Hassan hit the trends list online over the weekend for no other reason but the one she has come to be known for – serial dating.

A new set of photos of her with a younger guy who is not her last one, Shakib Lutaaya, became online fodder, suggesting she is out with the old and in with the new.

The series of photos show Zari and the mystery man cosying up. However, for someone who paints her social media with photos of things she holds dear, the alleged new lover is very much absent.

The photos surfaced following recent reports that Zari had broken up with Shakib. She had shared a cryptic caption on social media that was taken to mean Shakib was cheating on her.

The mother of five stated that a relationship laced with ‘poison’ and a ‘curse’ called lies was making her sick to the stomach. She dismissed the rumours with photos cosying up with Shakib. Now she has learnt that people want her and Shakib to end in tears so bad that she is exploiting their emotions.

Late on Sunday, February 26, Zari again dispelled the break-up rumours after getting enough PR mileage in a typical Zari style by sharing a series of suggestive photos with Shakib on Instagram.

She posed for a photo in Shakib’s arms in front of a car with the caption: “When it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone.”

Zari and Shakib have been at it for about 10 months now regardless of criticism that at 42, she is publicly exploiting a 30-year-old.

Meanwhile, on social media, a number of young men suggested they have a chance with Zari after seeing photos with the new not-Shakib guy, that can now possibly pass off as a photoshoot.

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