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Zari, Diamond celebrate daughter’s birthday in an all-white event

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By Alex Balimwikungu

On Sunday, South Africa-based Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan and her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz threw an exquisite birthday party for their daughter Princess Tiffah upon turning 7-years-old.

Diamond Platnumz who performed in Kenya at Raila Odinga’s crowning rally, jetted into South Africa to celebrate his daughter’s birthday as she turned 7.

The birthday matched the standards of the celebrity couple as the birthday was glamorous.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari during the party on Sunday. Courtesy Photo

Held at Zari’s Mansion, Tiffahs birthday saw friends and family who were invited attend dressed In white as it was the required dress code.

The birthday appeared lavish and expensive and left netizens amazed. Addressing those present, Diamond stated:

“We said it’s better to come with a few people to represent the family, so that the family from here can get to know each other and strengthen the bond and make sure we collaborate in various aspects. Thanks everyone for coming.

Zari later took to Instagram to share her happiness. “Best Co-parenting ever in history,” she captioned a video of the birthday

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