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Zari defends decision to date broke toy lover

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

What did Zari see in Ivan Ssemwanga and Diamond Platnumz?  She confessed they were billionaires who could afford her expensive tastes.  

What did she see in Isaac Lugudde or Pharouque Ssempala? She never said but since they were the kiss and tell type, we learnt that it was about the abs, the taut muscles and sinewy backs. – They were stallions. 

Zari got in a war of words with fans over her toy boy lover. Internet photo

However, what the 43- year -old Zari saw in 24- year -old Shakib Cham Lutaaya is one of her best kept secrets.  Despite looking glorious, Zari has been sneaky with her young lover.  She was however poked on Tuesday, which forced her to defend her attraction to him.

According to Zari’s followers, the relationship is just ridiculous. She thinks otherwise. She was engaged in a war of words with a fan.

 “What do you see in that boy?  A fan poked Zari on Instagram.  She responded instantly.  “Damn the audacity.  Guess what? I also don’t see what u see in your partner either and if you missed the point, that’s the point.  You are not supposed to see what I see, adios,”

For one who has carved a career as a fisher of rich men, many are shocked that Zari has stayed this long with someone who barely makes ends meet.  The only millions he can afford to give her are sperms, they argue.

Shakib Cham has been going strong in his present relationship with Zari. File photo

Zari insists that fans were not supposed to see what she saw in the young man that made her love him. Since Zari parted ways with South African-based money bags, GK Choppa, she has been moving places with new guy named Shakib Cham who hails from Kawempe but presently lives in Gauteng South Africa . She maintains that she knows what her heart wants.

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