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Zahara Toto’s ex Don Solo wanted in Kenya

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has mounted a hunt for Don Solomon, who also goes by a plethora of other names, to answer for fraud cases.

“Detectives based in Mombasa have launched a manhunt for an international serial fraudster with fraud cases stretching from Melbourne in Australia, to Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi in the country’s capital,” they wrote on social media.

That Don Solo fleeced a hardware shop in Kenya by depositing a cheque of sh17m for 10 TV sets and sh24m for assorted steel.

The detectives explained: “The self-styled millionaire with various names, including Don Solomon aka Mukisa Okello aka Tony Taban Suleiman Malish aka Yee aka Big Papa is wanted for depositing a bad cheque of Sh599,950 in favour of Naivas Limited and fraudulently obtaining 10 television sets of 55” from Naivas Mwembe Tayari branch, on March 8, 2023. Around the same time, the fugitive, believed to be a South Sudanese national, also fraudulently obtained assorted steel rods from Bayfair Hardware at Bombolulu in Mombasa valued at sh842,000, by depositing a bad cheque of similar amount at the hardware’s bank account.”

Some recoveries, they say, were made and a suspect charged. Then the DCI invoked Don Solo’s woes here in Uganda from four years ago when he gifted media personality Zahara Toto a BMW sedan that they say was stolen from DR Congo.

“Part of the consignment was recovered at Mulolongo and one suspect charged vide CR 345/56/2023 at Shanzu Law Courts. The suspect who has previously been arraigned at the Milimani law courts for forgery and being in the country illegally has also been accused of obtaining services from top 5-star hotels in the city and sneaking out without paying. In one such establishment along Chiromo Road, the man on the run failed to pay a bill of Sh1.045 Million after spending days at the luxury facility. Big Papa who flaunts a flashy lifestyle is believed to have previously gifted a TV host in Uganda a sleek automobile, that was later discovered to have been stolen from Congo DRC by Ugandan authorities,” they continued.

Don Solo also has the same woes in Australia, but managed to outwit the authorities there twice.

“The suspect is also accused of fraud and related offenses at various banks in Melbourne Capital, Victoria State in Australia. The vagabond has recently been spotted in Roysambu’s Mirema Drive where he is believed to be dwelling and has since evaded a police dragnet twice. Should you have any information that may lead detectives to his arrest kindly volunteer it via our toll free number 0800 722 203.”

In October 2019, Big Papa gifted Toto the BMW that had a fake personalised plate, which attracted a lot of criticism. Later after they broke up, the personalised plate was said to be the first red flag.

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