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Youth have a blast at Ggaba church-organised dance fest

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By Hussein Kiganda

The Hype Takeover Dance Connect23, a vibrant and electrifying youth event centred around music and dance, took place at the Ggaba Community Church in Ggaba on May 20, 2023.

The youth arrived around 11:00am, ready for the dance lessons that commenced the day’s activities.

Renowned dancehall experts HamaSanya and Remic RAG led an engaging workshop, followed by a soul-stirring dance to the uplifting beats of Josh Jasper’s worship session. The atmosphere intensified further with an Afrohouse session by the talented Church Boy.

After replenishing their energy with a delightful lunch provided by the church, the attendees were treated to exhilarating performances by gospel artistes and dancers, with the music expertly curated by gospel disc jockey DJ Victor256.

The crowd was mesmerised by notable performers such as the Bravas and the LGD dancers, leaving them in awe.

The Hallel Dance Crew, a celebrated group of Christian dancers, surpassed all expectations, leaving the audience astounded.

When the sensational Karungi graced the stage, it felt as though the Holy Spirit had descended from the heavens. The crowd passionately sang along to her songs, mimicking her dance moves. Later, she joyfully interacted with her audience, as they yearned to share the dance floor with her.

Ken B and Lyrical Mycheal ignited the atmosphere with their powerful lyrics, stirring the audience’s souls as they rhythmically resonated with their words.

To conclude the event, Ronald Sahr Jarvouhey, the executive pastor at Ggaba Community Church, delivered a heartfelt sermon, guiding the youth away from destructive habits such as drug abuse, theft, and promiscuity, urging them to embrace the path of Jesus Christ.

The grand finale came in the form of an electrifying performance by the Hallel Dance Crew, leaving the audience chanting their name and craving more.

In an interview with The Kampala Sun, Sahr Jarvouhey revealed that the event aimed to unite aimless youth, fostering worship and deterring them from engaging in criminal activities and negative behaviour.

“This event allows the youth to express their worship to God through dance, as it is a form of profound worship. Our church comprises 75% young individuals, and the surrounding community has an abundance of youth who are ensnared by drugs and other destructive habits. Through this event, we gather and teach them dance, emphasising its importance and encouraging them to channel their energy towards positive endeavors instead of causing trouble,” said Jarvouhey.

The assistant youth pastor at the church, Derick Ssenkubuge, explained that in addition to dance, the youth are equipped with various skills to help them earn a living.

“After the dance sessions, we bring them together for diverse lessons, both spiritual and practical. We provide them with training in catering, deejaying, and numerous other areas,” added Ssenkubuge.

“For those who have fallen victim to substance abuse, we collaborate with partner organisations that offer counselling services. We ensure they receive rehabilitation and counselling,” he further explained.

Paul Selah, also known as the hype man and leader of the Hype Squad, shared with The Kampala Sun that their gospel dance group is aimed at empowering the youth to use dance as a medium to spread the love of Jesus.

“We are a movement of young people whose objective is to spread the love of Jesus through dance. We perform at various gospel events, inspiring young talents to believe in themselves and worship God,” he emphasised.

Paul Selah, the hype man, performs

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