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You’re the only artiste who has somersaulted in a kanzu, GNL Zamba cajoles Michael Ross

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By Ahmad Muto

Lugaflow rapper GNL Zamba has coaxed now-not-very-active singer and dancer Michael Ross to get back to making music like he did in the 2000s. Summersaulting in a tunic, GNL said, was one rare skill only the Senorita singer had. He further said Michael Ross contributed to his lugaflow lyrics.

“Plus you still hold the record as the only artiste that can summersault in a kanzu. Entertainment in Ug is stunted coz the artistes rarely appreciate each other so I will put it here like I’ve always said it to your face. I’ve always been a fan,” wrote GNL.

“You own your place on the stage and entertain ‘Nzina nga michael Ross ku 23′. Real recognise real and you look la familia. When ever you’re ready, beat us the kidongo plus we still need to hit the Stu and do one for fun. Cheers #Elevate #EnsiYaffe,” GNL added.

The Luka rapper was responding to a post by Michael Ross on Facebook, recounting his challenges and why he has not been releasing music. He stated that he has a whole catalogue of unreleased songs, but he has now fixed himself and is going to start churning out music.

“To all my TRUE FANS out there wherever you are, I’m talking abt those whose love and support has never wavered. Whether I gave you a hit song or not, you are appreciated. I know it’s been long since I served y’all new music. But trust me, I’ve never stopped making music. I have a lot of unreleased music I’m sitting on. Understand this,” he wrote.  

“A lot has happened in my life. Some of which y’all know. But most of which you don’t have a clue about. I had to take a reflective break to realign myself spiritually first. And then everything else will follow. In the mean time, keep it tuned here. As long as I have your undying love and support. There’s nowhere we won’t go. By the grace of the Almighty Jehovah. I love you all,” Ross added.

His struggles became public in December 2018 at Commonwealth Resort, Munyonyo when he got thrown off stage by bouncers at American R&B singer Ginuwine’s show during his performance, seconds into a dance wave.

Ross later apologised to his fans and organisers of the show for the act. He has been teasing a new song, Wala, that he is set to release this month.

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