Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Young visual artists hold vaccination mask exhibition

by Editorial Team
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By Ivan Kabuye
A group of young artists from the Margaret  Trowel school of Industrial Art have held a vaccination mask exhibition which they called the “Mask On Exhibition ” at the Uganda Museum
The Mask On exhibition is aimed at creating  awareness in the community to   fight the pandemic  through the visual arts as a way to  encourage a number of youth to put on their masks and also go for Vaccination programmes
These young artists defined their art pieces as enthusiasm to transform , disfranchise communities through their creative prowess attained from a life experience .
 Hikmah Ssembatya an artist  said that  the mask on exhibition is an initiative for young visual artist who have come up together  to combat community challenges amidst the COVID-19 pandemic through their visual arts.
He added on to say that many artist out there have not gotten a chance to express them selves from the visual arts  since most of them are frustrated due to the prevailing situation .
The exhibition was attended by many people including Stella Nyanzi who as well took an initiative to exhibit her self  as an art piece while putting on a mask 
in a way of supporting the young artists.
Bright  Rwamirama, the  Minister of State for Agriculture , Animal and Fisheries who was the guest of honor at the exhibition pledged to be a voice in the cabinet for the power of art to communicate  and Visualize needs in the country.
Several artists showcased different types of art pieces that included  paintings , water color art pieces, Sculptures, Photography , Fashion and Design among others.

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