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You have never helped me, Producer Didi blasts Kenzo

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By Hussein Kiganda

Veteran music producer Abdul Karim Muchwa, better known as Producer Didi, has vehemently denied claims made by singer Eddy Kenzo that he gave him financial assistance.

Didi is responsible for hits such as Stamina and Super Power that launched Kenzo’s career.

A few weeks ago, Didi appeared in a worrisome state in the media, requesting financial aid from the musicians whose careers he had helped to build.

He explained that he had nowhere to sleep and nothing to eat. This appeal touched the hearts of some artistes, including King Saha and Kenzo, who promised to help him.

In an interview on May 10, 2023, the producer revealed that he had come to the media to clear the claims that Kenzo provided financial assistance to him and to request him from spreading the false news.

“I came across a video interview of Eddy Kenzo claiming to have helped me, which is not true, and this has affected most of my friends who were willing to do something for me, thinking that I am now okay because Kenzo is offering to help. Only King Saha sent me sh300,000 when I was in the hospital,” Didi said.

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