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You have failed as parents, do not blame me and my wife over photos – Bebe Cool

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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Bebe Cool has responded to criticism on social media that was directed at the photos of him with his wife, Zuena celebrating his 44th birthday at Murchison Falls National park/Chobe Safari Lodge. The photos showed him holding his wife’s waist and another of them smooching. 
A bunch of people on social media accused them of spoiling their children online by sharing photos of their intimate moments. 
Well, Bebe Cool, on Monday, September 6, 2021 while speaking to reporters told those accusing them to accept they have failed as parents by letting their underage children access social media. He also noted that there is much worse content online than his photos with his wife, the reason none of his children has access.  
“People bashing us for having posted my birthday celebration photos with my wife accusing us of spoiling their children have failed as parents and should not go around looking for excuses and blaming people. It is not only our photos that are on social media, but many other worse things not fit for children,” he said. 
According to him, neither his footballer son, Alpha Ssali nor daughter Beata who is yet to turn 15 have digital prints, not even WhatsApp. Bebe Cool turned 44 on Wednesday, September 1, 2021. He left for Murchison falls national park with his wife and bunch of friends. Over the weekend he asked the Ministry of Tourism to enable domestic tourism by lowering fees for locals, otherwise not many will be able to tour the country. 

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