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You are under the illusion that people hate you, Maro tells Kenzo

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By Ahmad Muto

On Friday, March 3, 2023, Grammy Award nominee Eddy Kenzo shared a quote on Twitter attributed to US rapper Eminem about how being the best has attracted hate for him and football star Ronald in their respective fields.

“Always the best person becomes the most hated person in the world. It happens with me in music and Cristiano Ronaldo in football,” read the quote.
Kenzo captioned it: “They hate what they fear.”

Singer Maro went to the replies to tell Kenzo he is under the illusion that people hate him yet it may be that he ruffles feathers sometimes with the things he says and, therefore, he should stop being a hate magnet.

“Kenzo bro, no one hates you! Maybe they don’t like what you sometimes say! Not the same thing. Keep your mind empty of the negative, people disagree, fight and divorce only to come back together, showing that love is more powerful. If you talk hate, you will attract and hate too!” wrote Maro.

Rapper The Mith agreed with Maro and added that Kenzo must be mixing facts.
“True… I think confusing what’s happening with hate is the issue here…,” he wrote.

For about two weeks now, the BET award winner has been the subject of intense criticism and trolling after suggesting that he is better than the late Philly Bongoley Lutaaya. That his songs on YouTube have over 100 million views while Lutaaya’s are hanging around one million views. This was after he released the video to his rendition of Lutaaya’s song Born in Africa originally recorded over 30 years ago.

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