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You are so disrespectful, promoter Abtex slams Kenzo over ‘demoters’ comment

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

Events organiser and promoter Abtex (Abbey Musinguzi) has hit back at singer Eddy Kenzo (Edirisa Musuuza) over comments he made after the National Promoters Association (NPA) put up a notice on January 4, 2023 showing artistes’ booking fees.

Commenting about the notice, Kenzo called promoters demoters and accused them of trying to pull them down. He urged fellow artistes not to work with them. 

“They are no longer promoters, but demoters. You cannot claim to be a promoter yet you are pulling down the same people that you should be promoting. To all musicians out there, you should know that they are demoters, and please, take note, we shall not work with demoters,” he said.

Abtex feels that Kenzo’s response is too disrespectful and if possible, he should take it back. He revealed that he didn’t expect Kenzo to have made such remarks, saying he and other promoters have been booking him for a good number of times and, therefore, deserve respect from him.


“I thought when he called us demoters, it was a new way to recognise our efforts, but when I made research, he meant to demean and disrespect us,” Abtex said disappointedly.

He reminded the Jubilation singer of the many times he and other promoters hired him and paid him huge sums of money, but ended up behind bars for losses.

Abtex stressed that Kenzo is so expensive to hire, but doesn’t bring back the money he asks for in sales.

“Mr. Eddy Kenzo Musuuza, demoters have sent me to tell you that you should stop working for them. You are not appreciative of them for all the times they have hired you for their shows. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and promoted very many people. A promoter invests over sh150m in the show, but reaps so little,” he said.

“I hired you for Freedom City on New Year’s Eve, and went to jail, Bajjo hired you on Christmas Day and got problems. You are so expensive, but you don’t make money. All those that call us demoters, we have left them to organise their events on their own, and see how it is to do it,” Abtex added.

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