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You are bashing Kenzo out of Ignorance – Pia Pounds to critics

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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Pia Pounds has defended his mentor, BET award winner Eddy Kenzo who became a subject of unceasing taunts from critics following the release of Pound’s Twende Tupaate song remix. MC Africa also joined them pushing the body count to three.
However, all the attention went to Kenzo; his verse and the reason for the remix. He was particularly accused of adding an unnecessary verse in an unnecessary remix of a song that is already doing well on its own. They wondered why he never collaborated with her when she worked with Big Talent but chose to steal her shine now. Pia Pounds has not had it easy since the spotlight is on her and now she has to promote the remix as well. She argued while appearing on a local television station on Saturday, September 4, 2021 that Kenzo has helped her on a number of projects and that they actually recorded a song together. She said people are harsh towards him because of ignorance.
“Eddy Kenzo did very many projects with me that people do not know about. For example I have a song called Byompa with Fik Fameica. Kenzo was the backup artiste. Then I have one with him (Gear lever),” she said. 
On why she chose him for the remix, she stated that Kenzo liked the song right from the time he first listened to it.

“Kenzo liked the song from the beginning, but when I took MC Africa to meet him after he requested, I realised they admired each other and the vibe for the remix was born,” she said. 

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