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Ykee Benda, vixens thrill at Corporate League outing

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By Alex Balimwikungu

It was a case of saving the best for last at the monthly corporate league outing last Sunday. 

The King’s Park Arena in Bweyogerere was host to hundreds as individuals from over 50 corporate companies converged to compete in football.

The chilly Sunday weather never helped matters. With the games done, many sought for warmth. It was aptly provided by singer Ykee Benda and his quartet of queen dancers.

Ykee Benda’s video vixens put up a spirited performance at the Corporate League games.

They were the highlight performers at the Nile Special hospitality tent. Sometimes an artist really just puts on an amazing show, but other times the audience really makes it happen.

For Ykee Benda, he must have been surprised at how amazingly talented his fans were as they lip-synched to all his songs. From his latest song, Nkufeelinga, Teacher, Abeeyo to the Obangaina remix, it was such a well-received show.

The crowd was in full voice as Ykee Benda performed on Sunday evening. courtesy photo

Ykee showed another side of him.  He loved dancing and perhaps carried away by the positive vibes, he chose to “punish” his vixens on stage.

Corporate League Board Chairperson Dennis Mbidde Ssebugwawo and a guest enjoy the performance. Courtesy photo

Corporate league chairperson, Diana Muttu was blown away by the performance, she declared that Ykee is the first person on her list of entertainers at the annual dinner on December 2nd at Hotel Africana.

YKee Benda, a fan and his vixens during the performance. Courtesy Photo
Some of the guests found time for conversation during the performance. Courtesy Photo

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