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Ykee Benda raps Bushingtone over Dre Cali

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By Ahmad Muto

Singer and Mpaka Records boss, Ykee Benda has rapped music producer Bushingtone for demanding that the public boycott luga-flow rapper Gravity Omutujju. The Munakampala singer told Bushingtone that when his client artiste Dre Cali exited Mpaka Records, he received the news with glee and celebrated it on the same platform (Twitter) that he is now using to attempt a boycott of another artistes yet he is happy for the failures of those he does not like or disagree with.
“Says the man who celebrated when Dre Cali run off, right here on Twitter. My point: You like/don’t like whoever you wish, no one ever stopped you from doing you. Wakili nno Gravity twakweeka…. Many are happy for other people’s failures in silence and tmw they will smile at you,” he wrote to Bushingtone.

Bushingtone has come under attack. File photo

On a local TV station on Saturday, February 11, he added that he liked the days of the Big three – Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool when they revealed how they felt about each other openly in interviews and songs. He might not agree with Omutujju but is happy that now Chameleone is fully aware he does not like him.
On that note, he jabbed Bushingtone again questioning why he has this sense of entitlement asking people to boycott as if he started the industry singlehandedly.

Benda was responding to a tweet from Friday, February 10, where Bushingtone wrote: “I think the whole industry needs to rally fans to boycott gravity’s music, artistes should stop sharing stage with him, djs should stop playing his music. Let’s do all we can to show him what it means to be bad.”
Dre Cali exited Mpaka Records in March 2022 and left the country for Canada after his relationship with Benda deteriorated. 

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