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Ykee Benda hails MC Kats &Marcah’s courage

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By Ahmad Muto
Following their Facebook live session on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, singer Ykee Benda hailed MC Kats and his rumoured girlfriend Caroline Marcah for speaking up about their experience with stigma.
According to Benda, it was a brave thing they did and therefore Kats shouldn’t let Marcah go.
“Caroline Marcah is what they call Maturity. My Brother MC Kats Hold on to that one,” she tweeted.
During the session, Marcah revealed that she is best friends with Kats and not in a relationship. But she noted that the day Kats made his HIV status public, she became a subject of stigma.

However, she displayed her HIV test results that showed negative and explained that it is possible to be friends with HIV positive people.

On Kats part, he noted that his baby mama Fille is HIV Negative as much as she is being stigmatized and so are his other baby mamas and all his children.
Last month he was set to be made a HIV/AIDS ambassador by a group of NGO’s but it never came to pass according to him because of conflict of interest with some of the NGOs fronting different people for the role, forcing him to exit. 

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