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Women’s Zibs: When your girl crew comes in handy

by Editorial Team
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By Faith Ngabirwe

This week has been one, which if I still had those high school diaries with padlocks, I would have drawn scary skulls and gothic stuff on all the seven pages, painting them black to depict sorrow.

From Monday, October 31, through to the weekend, each day had a noose on a woman’s neck. But for our country’s motto, one would have quickly given in to deviating thoughts.

As we were still there, a mum somewhere in this small world sat down with her daughters and, together, they grilled the old man of the house, who happens to be the woman’s husband and the girls’ father.

The girls that seem to have drank venom before pressing the record button, spat it all out without fear or favour on their father for breaking their mother’s heart to small tiny pieces.

The viral video evoked mixed feelings, especially with the way the guy sat quietly as if he was a bride visiting her in-laws’ home for the first time.

What can’t be missed is the way their mother sat through the mess, probably cheering on her team in her heart.

Lady, you have such a strong support system, chei! If my daughters and girlfriends don’t fight for me like this when someone messes with me, I am going to find another family!

Another perfect example of a strong female support system is our country’s Prime Minister, who showed up at Wandegeya Market and made merry with the traders, eating with them and trying her luck at a game of pool. This is what support means. To be there for others even when they don’t expect you to.

Female friendships are often void of this aspect because most of y’all want people for what they have and not what they are.

Once you are done with female friendships, sit and wait for the upcoming Bride and Groom magazine because you need all the tips therein to prep for maybe 2040, who knows.

What I am trying to say is you’re not going to run away from these girls. You need them, sis.

Otherwise, who is going to hold your hand and stop you from texting him when he says he has moved on. Of course, we know you end up going back to the crime scene, but well, a girl’s gotta hold another girl’s hand and remind them that this world has worse things than a heart break. For example, Ebola. 

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