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Women’s Zibs: The things that happened to me in 2021

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By Faith Ngabirwe

The New Year always finds me at home because I fear running into very excited people on the last day of the year. As the clock hands ticked slowly and steadily towards midnight and onto 2022, I sat curled up on the most comfortable part of the couch, reflecting on the past year. 2021 was an eventful year for me; out of the bad situations I faced, I am thankful for the good that was in them.

Last year, I was visited by this horror twice, including Omicron. I cannot forget the days I woke up feeling so tired, like my body had been run over by a tractor. The nights I went to bed, unsure of whether I’d be able to breathe through to morning because my nose was blocked. The sore throat made matters worse.

I am one of those people that dreads medicine the way some of you dread this country without some people as your leaders. I’d literally start prepping for the medicine way before I took it. The minutes after taking the meds left me shivering uncontrollably, cursing that person that sneezed and made all of us catch this cold. However, I am thankful that I made it out of both episodes of COVID-19 very strong and with minimal effects.

Money issues

As a girl who loves the nice things in life, last year hit hard. If there was ever a time I lived on tenterhooks as far as money is concerned, it was 2021.
  From salary cuts to complete lay-offs, somehow I kept going, living, breathing, eating and sleeping. Each day came with surprises, albeit pleasant ones that left me speechless and offered a perfect confirmation of the favour that Judith Babirye’s sweet melodic voice tells about. Different people came through for me with different offers that made up for the many losses I had incurred.

The icing on the cake is that the year ended on a good note and my bank balance is slowly bouncing back to something I can comfortably use to seek a visa.

Random things

This might seem funny and awkward, but 2021 gave me something I have always wanted; bums and hips. I got the enviable figure eight I had always wanted. After being called nicknames that suggested bad things about my flat behind for several years, 2021 came with a bang, leaving me with some roundness I am now trying to maintain.

I do not fear those body hugging dresses anymore. High waist tight jeans now rule my wardrobe. It is my season to shine and show off the goodness and meaning of one full year, 2021. I already see people’s sons trying to locate me, but I will not drop a pin until I have safely and successfully scanned through their profiles, net worth, family background and all the necessary things that will make 2022 my year.

 The joy of receiving gifts

After dating several douches that ignored my favourite love language, I eventually connected with a group of amazing people that gave me the ultimate feel of joy that comes with receiving gifts. 2021 brought soul sisters in form of a WhatsApp group. We had a gift exchange at the beginning of December and my oh my, you guys, I received my first Christmas gifts, ever. Not just that, they came with a Christmas card too (wipes a tear).

I know 2021 was not fully open for us to enjoy each other’s company, but cheers to the girls that never gave up on their girls even when we did not know which lockdown would come after the other. To the women that held out hands for us when we wanted to run into walls, thank you. Bars open in about two weeks and I just can’t wait to raise a glass to y’all that made my 2021 worth the ride. I am ready with my vaccination certificate!


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