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Women’s Zibs: The pressure of getting married is getting ‘worser’

by Editorial Team
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By Faith Ngabirwe

Happy new month! Joy to the world for the year-end is almost here and we’ll soon say goodbye to a year that most of us did not know how to survive in.

We made resolutions at the beginning of this year and now looking back, we could scoff at some things on the list and wonder out loud, “What was I even thinking?”

When the year is beginning, we are full of hope. Some of us take it a notch higher, saying: “THIS IS MY YEAR!!!”

But by the time December arrives, we are resigned to our fate and are only asking God to let us finish the year with the best type of oxygen He can create.

There are sisters whose resolution was to get married this year.

Have you ever been in a do or die situation where if it meant carrying you on your deathbed, you would accept, as long as you did what you wanted to do?

Now that’s where we stand, with sis. We have four Saturdays left to make the prophecy of that 1st January overnight come to pass.

We have been drawn into days of fasting and prayer for weeks that our pelpic ulcers complained bloodily.

There’s a group already believing that by 31st December of this very year we are in, they will have found a man, a venue, service providers and cash to start off a marriage.

Some of the things like moving into a bigger space have already been ticked off. You know what the men of God (men mostly by the way. And don’t argue with me, please, he he) say about preparing yourself for a season, yeah. So, sis, is doing whatever she can to be as ready on her side. Vaccination for COVID-19 with booster doses, tick.

She is, therefore, eligible to roam into those government offices and place herself strategically at a corner where you never know, some cute guy might trip with his files and she’ d be right in time to help him. Guys, we have only four Saturdays, left.

The pressure to get married is the most known pressure in a woman’s life. We think about – when I should meet “The One,” how old I want to be when I get my first child.  This pressure gets especially strong for women in their 20s and 30s. Nosy relatives don’t make it easier at all. Christmas is also around the corner and word is already making rounds, “Even 2022 has passed her.”

This type of conversation on marriage has become a staple for most of the girly meetings and hang outs. The constant chatter about it may affect one or two people in that group to bow to societal pressure and start making demands of the person up above in the skies.

The pressure to settle down, I bet, can never be compared to any other. The main problem I have with marriage and age are the double standards for men and women. While the other gender is encouraged to wait until they are ready in all ways, women, on the other hand, do not have that privilege.

A proposal to sis will be the happiest ending of this year. Until then, fingers crossed.

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