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Women’s Zibs: Patience should have an expiry date

by Editorial Team
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By Faith Ngabirwe

If there’s something that irks me more than the phrase “strong woman” does, then I have not yet realised it.

There are scenarios I have read about, the things happening to women and I wonder if the perpetrators are still breathing.

The most worrying thing is when the victims are not aware of the extent of damage they are suffering, and do not see a way out. You have heard them ask, “What should I do?”

This question is both heartbreaking and annoying. Reading some of the stories is a painful experience.

The court in which Pastor Aloysius Bugingo filed a petition for a divorce slapped the respondent, his wife Teddy Naluswa Bugingo, with costs and harsh orders, as a result of her continued refusal to avail the marital property documents.

I am not judging here, but I feel a woman’s patience should have an expiry date.

You don’t take us through valleys of shadows of death, and still expect us to show up smiling and ready with an army to fight for what was ours, but lost its way home and ended up at a random house.

It would be okay if the lost sheep is willing to find its way home and be welcomed with a big feast. But a man who openly flaunts another woman and scorns the other for whatever reason is one who should be feared, after God.

It is absolutely reckless to tell our sisters to go to Mutundwe, do Daniel and is it Esther and Mathew and whatever fasts for men who have lost their minds, at the expense of their own mental health, well-being and survival.

By the time you wake up from the long slumber, the man has shamed you in all sorts of manner.

I understand that we are for “Until death…”, but what do you gain by experiencing death in your lifetime?

Women also have emotions.

Our cup of patience is running out of its contents and we are afraid there is no more from where all that you took came from.

Women don’t want to be strong anymore. We want you to avoid circumstances that require us to be strong!

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