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Women’s Zibs: Don’t take second chances for granted

by Editorial Team
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By Faith Ngabirwe

Second chances are amazing.

The admirable characters in Tyler Perry’s Sisters took their second chances when they got them.

Whereas second chances are not always up for grabs, the few miraculous seconds that they show up should be documented in one’s bio and highlighted with emphasis. Not everyone gets second chances.

When the skies opened and ruined singer Jose Chameleone’s concert on Friday, February 10, netizens turned into prophets of doom and gloom, predicting that his second chance would be ruined beyond recognition; that not even Full Figure would have an opinion about it.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the Badilisha singer kicked roofs off and shook the nation with his second chance performance on February 24.

We are allowed to excuse silly mistakes that show up after people take up second chances, so I will not be petty as going into the fact that Gwanga Mujje concert was an assembly of sorts with small-small speeches in between performances. It is very important to respect second chances.

The excitement that comes with a second chance can be likened to ants that have discovered a kid’s secret candy stash. Although this is totally thrilling, care should be taken not to behave like a bottle of soda that is about to explode. A very cold soda is soothing, but when it overflows in a glass, it is messy. The climax of a good night with one weird action, will just ruin whatever sweet memories had been created earlier.

The possibility of getting a second chance can sometimes seem as low as the chances of getting a guy onto his knee ever again after he’d been disappointed at Café Javas and the red roses were thrown in his face. However, like it is said that good things come to those who wait.

It has increasingly become clear that no matter what people say, if something is yours, it is yours. And sometimes you do not even have to let people know that you are preparing a comeback.

Work behind the curtains and let your fruits speak. After years of trolling and bullying questioning his capacity as the cock in his household, a man will show up with pictures of a “bundle of joy”. Just like that. No prior warning, no nothing. After that, SILENCE. This is when he drops the mic and asks the audience if they need a second chance to say some nice things like, “Congs man”, causing a mountain of fireworks to explode in his chest because well, he won! This feels like a pilot making a first solo flight; second chances are amazing.

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