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Women’s Zibs: Buy the Magogo in your life socks, hankies and ties on his birthday

by Editorial Team
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By Faith Ngabirwe

Dear Daisy,

Last week was a busy one with the icing on the cake being generosity, class, luxury and love flying over your head like you don’t have enough problems already.

There was no way you were going to avoid seeing the news because everyone sent around the picture of the lucky guy, with him smiling sheepishly standing next to his birthday gift.

I see some have already advised you to do the same for Alex, mbu even if it means borrowing money, it is okay you can get a loan for your boo, he he.

I am here to tell you one thing, Daisy, if you had not yet processed that salary loan, please save your little shillings today and instead contact a travel company to book for you a place where you will unwind and forget about these mistakes that girls do.

I know you want to make Alex’s next birthday cool and all, but girl, change your plans.

What I am trying to say is that I know many places that have nice, classy socks and ties and what else, hankies. I am terribly terrified that this is not what you would like to hear at this time when you want to impress the love of your life, but trust me, I am saving you from the embarrassment.

But here’s the thing, you and the Speaker are two different people. Whereas she can afford to turn her man’s toys into real life experiences, you, my dear, still have lots of work to do.

A Range Rover Vogue is just an addition on what the guy already has, sis. It is not the starting point. This should show you that his luxury life has not just started. He has been in the money and the money has been in him.

To avoid beating around the bush, my point goes straight to Alex.

What has he done for himself before we start upgrading him to 2022 models of cars that are worth our kidneys, livers, hearts, limbs and everything?

Daisy, please remember that you promised yourself a new phone because your cracked screen is almost bleeding out your fingers.

I am begging you not to let Magogo’s cute reaction sway you from the dream, my dear. This gifting game is a trap, just like adulthood.

Also, what I have been trying to explain with so many words is that these men can embarrass. Oh, by the way, I know a nice graphics designer. And he does his work cheaply. At least we can imitate the Speaker’s love note. Weigh your options, D.


Big sis.

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