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Women Zibs: Where is Ssebulime’s apology?

by Editorial Team
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By Faith Ngabirwe

Gospel hitmaker Judith Babirye returned to the public scene last week, with a moving apology. She apologised for her 2018 second marriage to then Buikwe North MP Paul Musoke Ssebulime.

The former Buikwe Woman MP regretted causing another woman heartache by getting married to her ‘husband’, thus making him abandon his family.

Ssebulime was in a relationship with Rukia Ntale and they have three children, before he abandoned her and secretly got married to Babirye.

The singer also apologised to her fans and the public at large, especially the youth and those who look up to her as a role model.

It has been a week since the Canada-based artiste apologised, but we have not yet heard a word from Ssebulime. We are, therefore, starting to wonder if it is Babirye that approached, courted, and finally swept the guy off his feet, eventually taking him to her family and God for blessings.

If this is the case, then well, she is right to come out and bear all the public shame, and take the fault for her actions. She is a good woman that takes responsibility for her actions. Husband number three ought to consider this beautiful trait.

However, if it turns out that the former Buikwe North Member of Parliament spotted our beautiful sister and decided to shift from where he was seated to a closer place so that he could get her phone number, then tables have to turn.

Judith Babirye and Paul Musoke Ssebulime at their wedding in Bunga in 2018

I mean why should a man who chose to disrespect his partner by secretly replacing her with another woman sit, eat, sleep and browse comfortably, while a sister suffers public shame alone? He cannot afford to smile through this ordeal. He is pivotal in this chaos and for some reason, he has since gone quiet.

Ssebulime filed for divorce hardly a year into his marriage with Babirye and later went back and was secretly introduced by his former partner, Rukia, to her parents.

Babirye had come out of a messy marriage with Samuel Niiwo and Ssebulime promised to wipe her tears and heal her wounds. Little did the gospel singer know that this co-worker of hers would later become a thorn in her skin, shattering her world into pieces.

Ssebulime should have come out a long time ago to apologise for coming in between two women that had no issues before his lower body wandered off.

I am waiting for Ssebulime’s apology, with the over 1,000 other people.



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