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Women Zibs: Shhh! What happens at Nyege Nyege might not stay at Nyege Nyege

by Editorial Team
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By Charity Ngabirwe

It’s the morning of September 15. Bags are packed. Sharon is going away for the weekend. She has been planning for this trip since God knows when.

Kampala’s rains are threatening to fall from the dark grey clouds. But that can’t be a problem. Sharon is ready for anything.

She has packed clothes for all kinds of weather. From fur coats to literally nothing, if the weather calls for a skin-to-air remedy.

Sharon is geared up for the weekend. Hers has turned out into what we have come to expect from group trips.

When the idea was birthed, they were 12 in number and the excitement could fetch them thousands of dollars if they had to trade it.

The day is here and the group has come down to one individual, with the second last person having cancelled the previous night. But that’s still okay. A girl is still willing to attack, albeit alone.

Sharon throws in the last item into her Calvin Klein bag and slumps into the sofa at her home.

Then she remembers that a girl needs to take her charger wherever she goes because that’s why we live; to tell you about our lives. How will you know that my short shorts are actually a good fitting if I don’t show you, huh? Content has to be served on all platforms.

She stares at her Nyege Nyege ticket, with its brilliant colours. She remembers the good Samaritan who dropped it off at her desk one hot afternoon. It came as the best coolant for that day.

Sharon then gets up. All is set. She drives her car through the gate with the slowness of a child that has returned home after dusk, with terribly dirty clothes.

With the arrival onto the main road, Sharon comes alive, buckles up and releases the brakes. The Jinja bridge ignites her mood.

And when she finally arrives at her destination at Itanda Falls, decked out in bright colours and flashy jewellery, she feels so good about herself.

She takes time to examine her surroundings. There might be someone who knows someone who also knows someone and that person might let some other person know that Sharon is at Nyege Nyege with company. Company that is not of her girlfriends whom she had planned the trip with. She is with a ‘snack’.

“Did I see…?” she stops herself in her tracks. It’s true ooo. She has indeed seen someone she knows. A shrug follows.

“It’s his fault all this is going to happen,” she muses.

Sharon proceeds to fall into the arms of her tall, handsome ‘snack’.

Once they are settled in their tent, he adjusts his glasses, makes her comfortable on his laps, and off into the throes of passion they go.

Four days of glory, and more.

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