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Women Zibs: Open letter to female graduands

by Editorial Team
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By Faith Ngabirwe

Dear Sis,

Congratulations on your lifetime achievement. Congratulations on finally arriving at your destination that you worked so hard for.

It doesn’t matter if you barely lifted a finger during the semesters as you were busy, occupied with other co-curricular activities.

The festivities going on around you a quick reminder that you made it, girl!

Grab those congratulatory messages and inhale the good wishes, sniffing each soft word sweetly and obsessively because you are going to need this super power feeling not so long from today.

I know you had such a beautiful time with the guests at your graduation party. But here’s the thing; now is the time to remind yourself or rather understand that whoever promised to connect you to a job, give you money to start a business, promised to give you cows and goats, did so because they were under the under the influence of publicity and the pressure to say something nice as a defence mechanism.

If Uncle Didas does not reply to your emails and never acknowledges receiving your CV, my dear, just move on with your life and ask the universe to align other things for you. These people do not owe you anything.

As a matter of fact, here’s another bitter revelation; the people who have been paying your bills might hesitate to do so right now because they imagine that they have done their part of uplifting you so that you’re able to also buy your own airtime and lunch.

They never expressly withdraw the money, but it increasingly becomes uneasy, having to ask for a money without excuses of handouts, coursework, projects, hostel; things that easily opened up their pockets.

So, it is now time to take advantage of all situations and see what you can squeeze out.

A sugar factory’s stores went up in flames the other day and trust me, some people have already figured out how to gain from this predicament.

The worst thing you will do to yourself is comparisons.

Just because your former classmate is doing way better than you are is no reason for resorting to tears instead of dropping as many applications as you can and continuously scanning the internet for avenues where you can practise your talent.

I can see that you just took a quick scan through your life and have come to a conclusion that you have no talent, but that’s a lie. Look at you!

Get off that couch and hop around for a minute. It won’t be so long before you realise that even your buddies have started ignoring you. It is hard hanging out on empty stomachs, you know.

And when you eventually succeed with one of your grand plans, remember to stay focused and bite only what you can chew.

Buying a car because someone’s daughter got it is one quick route to unhealthy competitions whose side effects you might never recover from.

So, instead of moving stories around about how people might probably be getting their monies from underground, consider bursting your energies and see what will come out of it.


Big Sis

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