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Why pastor Bugingo took Suzan Makula to Rwanda

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By Alfred Byenkya

City pastor Aloysius Bugingo has thanked his fiancée, Suzan Makula Nantaba, for convincing him to go to Rwanda to meet his parents.

Bugingo told his church members recently that they went to Rwanda recently by plane and they were there for two days. 

The House of Prayer Ministries International leader said he was accompanied by his team that included Makula.

“I had to go there to show them my new found love, Suzan Makula. I went there with other two people besides Makula and these were Liz and Simon because I could not afford to take many people because of the transport cost,” he said.

Bugingo told the congregants that he used the opportunity to apologise to his parents for taking so many years without visiting them.

“I felt something special when I met them. They prayed for us and I advise people who have not done what I did to look for their parents because there’s a special blessing in this,” he said. 

Bugingo asked the congregants to always obey their parents and do everything to appreciate them for the role they played in bringing them up.  

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