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Why Pallaso slapped singer Alien Skin

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

On Monday evening, a video did rounds on social media showing singer Pius Mayanja (Pallaso) roughing up fellow singer Alien Skin.

Following the altercation, Police intervened and dissolved the fight.  However, in the process of taking the warring parties to Police to record statements, Alien Skin jumped off the moving patrol vehicle and was swallowed by the darkness. 

Now, Pallaso has come out and detailed what triggered the unfortunate altercation that happened just a few weeks to his Love fest concert on June 10.

Pallaso claims Alien Skin attacked him and disorganized his rehearsals

Alien Skin has said he is not ready to accept Pallaso’s apology. File Photo

In a video that went viral on social media, Pallaso physically assaulted Alien Skin with beatings and his team looked on.

Pallaso was overheard constantly commanding Alien Skin to respect him.  “I was attacked by Alien Skin and his gang while rehearsing for his forthcoming concert. He came with a mob and they completely disorganized me. Alien Skin started taunting me and I lost my cool at the moment,” Pallaso says.

Pallaso has since apologized for the violence meted out on Alien Skin. On his side, Alien Skin has vowed to revenge for the embarrassment.  “Wait for part 2” Alien Skin wrote on his status.

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