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Why Naava Grey was chosen for Soul Safari

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By Emmanuel Ssejjengo

It took Naava Grey to shut out the noise that had been caused by Juliana Kanyomozi when she said she would not perform at the Soul-R&B Safari Baileys Picnic at the Kampala Serena Hotel on Saturday, May 7.

The people who have watched Naava perform are not surprised about the organiser’s choice, and she also doesn’t seem to have the goose pimples.

“I am preparing for a 45-minute set, with a full band,” she says with confidence.

“Any stage fright, are you playing second fiddle to Juliana?” I ask.

“It is a Soul, R ‘N B showcase, and that is what I do. There is no stage fright. I was not even aware that Juliana has ever been part of this until you explained it to me,” Naava says.

Naava Grey

It is going to be Naava’s first big performance since the COVID-19 lockdown was lifted. That seems the only bit that excites her.

“I used to perform during the lockdown, but to limited people. It is not the same when you are performing for a no-holds barred audience. I already feel I am getting back another life,” she explains.

The organiser of the safari, TShaka Mayanja, explains why Naava Grey is the poster child of Soul and R‘n B music in Uganda.

“She is the one doing that genre through and through. Look around, the only artiste with such a body of work is perhaps Maurice Kirya. There was no better choice than he,” says TShaka.

Although the concert is on the Mothers’ Day weekend, Naava has not curated her showcase along those lines.

It is a high platform to climb, we can only wait to see how she manages.

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