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Why Mzee Jemba should abandon Kampala and go back to the village

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Mzee Godfrey Jjemba Matte, 68, is the man of the moment. Before the “funeral announcer” became an online sensation, with thousands of memes dedicated to him, his worries back in Mbulakati village, Kitimbwa sub-county in Kayunga district, were few.

Sketching for the next meal? Looking for money to buy dry cells to power his transistor radio?

Today he is a celebrity, popping champagne as he checks out his iPhone, sipping on cocktails before heading to the spa for deep tissue massage. And yes, you guessed right – warding off female company ever since he landed a windfall.

Jjemba’s interviews lately are punctuated with the word celebrity. Words like peasant no longer exist in his repertoire. He has since ditched his trademark blue shirt and faded blue jeans for woolen bathrobes and designer outfits.

He is not an ordinary local man from Mbulakati village. He is living the good life; chilling with the big boys and big bummed women!  Just like singer Red Banton, Jjemba will not leave Kampala soon.

Will Jjemba, after all these lavish treats, go back to Mbulakati village? Definitely. The clock is already ticking. What will he take with him? Lots of memories and, in reality, lessons on why Ugandans have a short time span, when it comes to feting celebrities.

According to Wikipedia, a celebrity is the fame and public attention accorded by the mass media to individuals or groups, but usually applied to the persons who receive such status of fame and attention.

Once one emerges, they are all over them like a bad rush. Many of today’s companies use celebrities in marketing campaigns in order to reach out with the message to the target group.

Jjemba is just one of the many who lap in the adulation, only to end up in a grass to grace to rags story. They talk about their wealth and fortune in past tense. One common thing they share is that most of them fail to make hay while it still shines.

Where is MC Africa? He is probably somewhere on his knees begging someone somewhere to help. He was thrust upon us during the lockdown. He came on a mountain of hype and swagger.

MC Africa was unheard of in Uganda before the Tupaate hit song. Right after the song was dropped, the unsuspecting MC Africa grabbed onto his ladder to success.

Initially, he started out as one of the infamous social media users who was recorded as he ushered us into the weekend with the now mastered line, “it’s a Friday”, while Pia Pounds’ Tupaate song played on the radio.

Such a simple act gave Pia Pounds’ song great fame, pushing it through the region.

MC Africa

Red Banton performing at Blankets and Wine in 2019

MC Africa was no longer the village chap seated next to a mud-and-wattle hut. He made it to Kampala and became a hype man!  He helped unite Eddy Kenzo and Pia Pounds. He changed wardrobes and joined Twitter after he was gifted an iPhone X.

The product endorsements flowed in. Unlike Mzee Jjemba, MC Africa was a street smart and just needed simple polishing.

Today, the Mbale born MC could be anywhere in the hills of his native district. The last time we heard he was wanted. Apparently, he organised a social media trip dubbed  “Twende Tuparte Jinja”, which was a scam.

Unsuspecting victims had paid sh100,000 each for the two-day (October 16-17, 2021) trip and they were promised a sumptuous package.  The organisers were a no-show.  MC Africa distanced himself from the whole saga and claimed he, too, was cheated!

Remember the Muwunya trio that was blasted by celebrated playwright Alex Mukulu during the Yolesa Ekitone contest? The clip went viral and caused an uproar on social media, with several people giving their opinions; some slandering Mukulu and his co-judges.

Bruno K took it upon himself to pull the boys out of the deep dark hole they were plunged into. He fundraised for new clothes, perfumes, new haircuts, and so much more for the boys. Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake sought them out for lunch at Parliament!

Bruno K, on his own volition, secured the trio ‘scholarships’ at Kasangati High School, where they would study until they finish Senior Six.

“I want to thank Hon Simbwa, director of Kasangati High School, for granting my brothers 100% scholarship till form 6,” he wrote.

With schools re-opened, we have since learnt that the trio has never set foot at the school. They could be somewhere back to their smelly selves.







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