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Why King Saha is trending

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Singer King Saha, real name Mansour Semanda, the person, the career and the lifestyle, became a topic social media could not avoid over the weekend after the one issue different shades of entertainers tried to highlight for a while seemed to have manifested.

Their exoneration came us a supposed period of reckoning began. The singer, whose vocals are above average, that most times his name and that of the late talented Mowzey Radio appear side by side in sentences in conversations and allegations about stolen songs, appeared to have lost it.

This was after a photo emerged of the Zakayo singer lying on a city hospital bed receiving treatment for an illness that seemed serious.

It came just days after entertainer Brian Mulondo accused him of a terrible relationship with personal hygiene that subtracts a lot from his personality as a public figure. The undertones of drug use have been intense too.

According to Mulondo, King Saha moves around corporate events with a very intoxicating smell akin to a farmer who is just from weeding an acre of land.

He asked the singer’s management to at least consider giving him chewing gum to conceal the unpleasant odour instead of letting him loose on people who invest in how they smell.  

Bebe Cool must be walking with his chest high after those online that don’t agree with him have for once either kept quiet or virtually high-fived him for allegedly identifying a problem before anyone else did. Quite a fraction of the population that if they are to apologise to him, they will need the Kololo Ceremonial Grounds. That was how bad his advice that looked like a diss was received by Saha’s fans and the energy returned. Cool told Saha in 2020 when he unveiled his annual top artiste’s list that he had potential but was regressing because of drugs.

Ugandans on Twitter (UoT) have spent the last few days arguing between the singer being advised to go to a rehabilitation facility and the issue being amplified by his detractors.

On Monday, January 2, 2023, a photo of him emerged online sipping an energy booster, much to the relief of his fans.

While appearing on Swangz Avenue produced Cover Sessions last year, Saha opined that because of their occupation as artistes, it is easy for people to assume they are abusing drugs even when they are not. He noted that most times he reigns in on his team telling them to tone it down when they are going to meet people. He added that those who can, should stay away from it.

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