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Why I never turned up for UMA presidential debate, King Saha

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By Hussein Kiganda
Singer King Saha(real name Mansur Ssemanda) has been criticized over chickening out of the Uganda Musicians Association(UMA) presidential debate that was held on Saturday 21st May. 
Only Lord Bitemu(real name Ramadhan Mutebi) and Cindy (real name Cinderella Sanyu) managed to make it to the debate, something that did not augur well with a section of his fans.
You can’t be a leader if you can not show up for such an occasion…,” a fan wrote online.
Well, yesterday (May 23), Saha explained that he had an earlier booked show which he could not cancel and therefore he had to miss. 
“I was told about the debate but I had a show on the same day so I prioritized the show because I hate disappointing my fans on shows…,” he said and added, ” At this moment, I need money to finance the elections so I had to look for the money first. And by the way, you can not tell me to cancel the show that I booked a long time ago…” 
He later explained why he needs the elections to be organized physically. To him, the polls will not be transparent if they are held online.
“The truth is I am still on my issue of online elections. I am against it and it’s why I came to UMA today. If they do not organize physical elections where people cast votes or line up behind their candidates, it will not be fair…,” he said.
The UMA elections were postponed from May 23 to June 6th.

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