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“Why do you cast the same actors over and over?” film critic fumes

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By Hussein Kiganda

Ugandan popular film critic La Santos is disappointed in the way filmmakers keep using the same actors for certain roles in most Ugandan movies. 

The critic told The Kampala Sun that not only he had realized the problem but many other film analysts. He narrated that some of the analysts had written to him on the same issue.

“There has been a problem in the industry. You will find multiple producers casting the same person in different movies for almost the same role and this at times bores and makes the movies look the same. There are some new actors and analysts that have always talked about this and feel that it should change,” he said.

La Santos shared one of the complaints he had received from an actor who felt the same way. 

“We are tired of seeing Phillip Luswata, Yasin Lubowa, and Micheal Wawuyo Snr in every daddy scene. There are a lot of aged male actors who can act as fathers but they are not considered. I am glad Prestige gave a chance to Simon Base Kalema and he’s really doing the dad character perfectly fine. Ugandan directors and producers should learn to cast talents not faces,” reads a text from an actor whose identity is protected.

La Santos advised that directors and actors should always look out for new entrants in the film industry because from there, new talents could be identified.

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