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Why Bobi Wine’s sister is angry with Bebe Cool

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

It is still raining rebuttals and singer Bebe Cool is not really saying much after deriding music, dance and drama (MDD), calling it a useless course he rates below a fish stall. He said he would not invest his money in it, even if his children wanted to pursue it. It was a jab at singer turned politician Bobi Wine, who graduated with a diploma in MDD in the early 2000s.

Now Bobi’s sister, Irene Kayemba, who is a singer and studied MDD, has hit back at Bebe.

She scoffed at him for trolling the same foundation on which he established a successful career, got a wife and amassed a fortune.

Kayemba said these are things she doubts physics, chemistry and mathematics (PCM) alone would have done for him, without going to university to perhaps become an engineer.

Bebe Cool studied PCM in A’level.

“I am very proud of MDD, baked from the most prestigious Makerere University; I later on supplemented the goodness of MDD with CIM based London-marketing skills and knowledge. We must note that non-formal skills are best when upgraded with formal training. I assert that this is what makes my brother – BOBI WINE – a very unique artiste that Uganda is blessed to have,” she wrote.

“So, my elder brother, BEBE, non formal practice in MDD is what has made you; not PCM.”

Kayemba castigated Bebe for not proceeding to the university after A’level, saying: “PCM gives a foundation for great professions like civil engineering.”

“Imagine being Engineer BEBE who is a great East African artiste at the same time…,” she said.  

Kayemba implored those that have studied MDD to consider picking interest in the conversation Bebe Cool sparked, stating that it has the potential of changing how people look at performing arts “instead of giving a deaf ear as parents who pay tuition get demoralised.”

She named singer and legislator Dr. Hilderman, former legislator and actor Kato Lubwama, actors Patricko Mujuuka, Abbey Mukiibi and Mariam Ndagire as those who should add their voice to the discussion.

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