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Who let the dogs out? Uganda Police organises day for man’s best friend

by Editorial Team
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By Mary Karugaba

Remember that famous song by the Baha Men – Who Let The Dogs Out? 

Well, the Police Canine Department has organised a dog’s day out this Saturday, June 11, for all dog lovers who want to showcase their furry friends.

According to Police Sgt Herbert Nangoli, the chief instructor of the Police Canine Unit training department, there will be a walk from Mackenzie Vale behind the Chinese Embassy, Aki Bua Road to Lugogo Bypass.

“Everyone is invited to come with their dog,” Nangoli said.

He, however, warned that the dogs must not be given heavy meals, which will distract them and make them uncomfortable during the walk.

“We expect people to come in large numbers, but when you come, ensure that your dog is properly groomed, with a strong leash to avoid dog fights and also a good harness to ensure that the dog is comfortable while walking. We also expect them to come with people who are strong and able to control them to avoid dog fights,” Nangoli said.

“Secondly, do not overfeed them before the walk. Just give them a light meal so that it’s comfortable while walking,” he added.

The Police said they will also be showcasing the breeds they have such as the German shepherds and Belgian shepherds, among others.

The Police Canine Department (K9) trains dogs in tracking criminals, explosive detection, narcotics detection, and also dog breeding and training.

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