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“Who is who” earned me many enemies

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According to luga-flow rapper Feffe Bussi, his rap freestyle Who is who released three years ago was his most misinterpreted work ever, claiming many people got hurt and took it personal. He explained that many people did not see it as a work of art, but a jab coming from a place of animosity and ridicule. 
“Many took it as a jab on them and their career coming from a place of hate, yet my plan was to wake up the genre of hip hop. And taking jabs at people is just one of them,” he said.

He also noted that Fik Fameica was particularly not happy because he said in one of the verses that he is a mechanic and engine oil went into his brain. 
However, he said the the tension between him and the artistes reduced after several other rappers responded, dissing him, while social media still rated his above all the rest.

“I changed my mind about the song after I checked my social media and the reaction was positive. It was the one song that woke up the whole genre. Many versions on the same track were released as clap backs, the only time those who were offended felt that it was now fair.”

Rappers Jim Nola and Da Agent particularly responded to Feffe Bussi with freestyles laden with pointed lyrics. 
Feffe Bussi last week released a well-received song titled Gulu in which he chronicled the events in Gulu, northern Uganda when he went with other artistes to meet the Operation Wealth Creations coordinator, Gen. Salim Saleh. 

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