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When two elephants met in Gulu

by Editorial Team
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By Emmanuel Ssejjengo

Gulu City is on a roll, as far as the party goes.

After playing host to Gen. Salim Saleh and several artistes for months, it welcome an elephant, albeit in liquid form.

Over the weekend, Tusker Premium Cider was unveiled in Gulu town in a colourful ceremony.

It started with the unveiling of Gulu’s monument (symbol), an elephant.

Like the cider brand, Gulu City symbol is also an elephant. This was a meeting of two elephants. It is a symbol of strength and elegance.

Northhood Productions – a local band – entertained guests with covers of both current and past musical gems.

The evening’s DJ supplemented the band’s entertainment with lively mixes that were interspersed with Acholi hits such as Romeo Odong’s Pililili Yoo Leng, which had guests on their feet and vibing to the traditional Acholi dances.

During the dinner, UBL’s supply chain director, Alfred Balikagira, said: “Tusker Cider is the latest addition to Uganda Breweries Limited’s (UBL) wide range of products. We are bringing this energy to Gulu and northern Uganda in response to our consumers’ needs.”

He added that the Tusker logo, being an elephant, made the brand’s arrival in the region a lot more meaningful as the animal holds deep sentimental value to the Acholi – appearing at the centre of the cultural institution’s flag as a symbol of strength, supremacy and a peaceful nation.

Earlier that day, UBL unveiled a symbolic elephant monument in Gulu city in honour of the cultural significance of the animal to the Acholi people and is now the first unique feature residents and guests will see as they enter Gulu city.







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