Monday, December 4, 2023
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WhatsApp increases individuals on chat groups to 1,024

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By Francis Emukule

WhatsApp has announced that it is rolling out Communities, a feature that allows users to organise different chat groups into greater structures, as well as other capabilities, like larger group video calls and in-chat polls.

The Communities function, which might be utilised by workplaces, will aggregate various chat groups under larger guises so that managers can send out alerts to a community of thousands of users or schools.

According to a business release, the App will now permit chat groups to have up to 1,024 individuals, significantly more than the 256 person limit it had previously.

Telegram and Discord, two WhatsApp competitors, allow thousands of users to participate in group chats.

Other new features include in-chat polls, a frequent feature on social media apps like Meta’s Facebook and Twitter, as well as 32-person video calling.

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