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📸 We’re jammin’, jammin’… Kampala welcomes new jam session

by Editorial Team
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By Ivan Kabuye

Some people have heeded to the words of Jamaican singer Bob Marley:

We’re jamming

To think that jamming was a thing of the past

We’re jamming

And I hope this jam is gonna last

On Monday, June 13, a new page in Kampala’s entertainment book opened with a jam session at Fusion Eco Resort in Munyonyo.

A jam session is an event where anyone can step up on stage and sing to a live band set.

It also allows anyone to try his hand or mouth on any of the instruments. 

Hosted by Ras B Ssali, founding member of the long serving Blood Brothers reggae band, the session is set to take place every Monday evening at the same venue.

The set-up was intimately small, just enough for easy proximity that made interacting possible.

With that, this was no shouting occasion. It also helped that the organiser Ras B keeps tabs on sound engineering.

Monday was a good day; when several gig men and women were resting after a weekend of work, so there was always someone to play for you an instrument.

Inevitably, there was some croaking, but surprisingly there too was some really good singing. Some read the lyrics off their phones.

Why a certain Rogers Baluti just couldn’t master the lyrics of a simple love song was a mystery.

There were established instruments, which was a provocation for some to try out the instruments.

Established musicians also turned up to try out new things, or hone their skills.

Madoxx Ssematimba was happy throughout the session and freely talked to everyone.

For a person who has been profiled as aloof by the media, it came as a welcome surprise.

Rogers Baluti singing. Courtesy picture

Jam sessions have provided a breeding ground for many established artistes, notably Jamal Wasswa who used to host one at National Theatre.

The Jeckaki Band, of which Aziz Azion is a member, also used jam sessions to hone their skills.

To enjoy the best out of a jam session, you should get there early (starts at 6:00pm), for it could give you a chance to perform a whole album.

Like Bob Marley said, jamming is not a thing of the past, and we hope this will last.

Ras B calling on the next performer on stage. Photo by Ivan Kabuye
Ras Band instrumentalists playing for Belinda, who was performing her new songs at the jam session at Fusion Eco Resort, Munyonyo on Monday, June 13, 2022. Photo by Ivan Kabuye
Music critic Eddie Sendi (left) interacting with artistes at the jam session at Fusion Eco Resort, Munyonyo on Monday. Photo by Ivan Kabuye

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