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Weasel wanted by Police for breaking helper’s leg

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Douglas Mayanja, popularly known as Weasel shocked his fans after it was alleged that on Tuesday, August 10, 2021, the randy artiste returned home drunk and subjected his helper to the kind of beating that left him with a broken leg, severe head injuries and in need of urgent medical attention. 
The helper identified as Kaweesi has worked for the singer since 2018 and said they were like brothers. However, he now needs sh5m to get a scan and have his leg fracture handled. 
It is said Weasel thumped him on the night of Monday, August 9, 2021 and dumped him outside his fence in Makindye. The reason he beat him up has come in a number of versions, largely dressed as rumour.

The Police is waiting for Kaweesi’s medical report to get him in to make a statement so they can draw Weasel’s charge sheet. That is according to the Kampala Metropolitan, deputy police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigire. 
“It is true the case has been taken to Kizungu Police Station which is under Katwe Police Station. We have sent for the file to look into it and get their statements. The medical report will determine if it was an assault or attempted murder,” Owoyesigire explained.  

Last year, a video emerged of a fracas at Weasel’s house during which one of his baby mamas was heard wailing by neighbours. However, he later defended himself arguing that it was a music video shoot

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