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Weasel fails to turn up for Radio’s memorial service

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By Ivan Kabuye

When singer Pallaso was asked for the whereabouts of Weasel, who was expected to be at Mowzey Radio’s memorial service, he said his brother lacked the courage to make it to the occasion at Kaga, Nakawuuka in Wakiso district yesterday.

Weasel was one part of the GoodLyfe duo with Mowzey Radio. Radio’s death consequently led to the demise of the group.

Pallaso, who arrived late, told journalists that he had tried to comfort Weasel in vain, which made him come late for the event.

Pallaso holding a wreath as he visits the late Mowzey’s grave at Kaga, Nakawuuka on Tuesday. Photos by Ivan Kabuye

Jane Kasubo (left) during the memorial service of her son, Mowzey Radio 

However, mourners, who were seemingly angry about Weasel’s absence, were not contented with Pallaso’s explanation.

In late January 2018, the nation was thrown into panic following Radio’s admission in hospital after a bar brawl. On February 1, Mowzey Radio’s career came to an end when he succumbed to his injuries.

Yesterday, February 1, marked four years since Mowzey Radio breathed his last. His fans and family have been commemorating his death every year and they attended the memorial in big numbers yesterday. Those who could sing his songs were given a chance to do so.

Among the celebrities who attended the memorial service included Ykee Benda, Chagga, Clever J, and Jamie Culture.

Mowzey’s mother, Jane Kasubo, thanked everyone who attended the event.

The family of the late Mowzey Radio praying for him at Kaga, Nakawuuka 

Clever J arriving for the memorial service 

Weasel at Radio’s funeral in 2018







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