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Weasel almost lost his mind after Radio’s death, mother Prossy reveals

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By Hussein Kiganda

Prossy Mayanja has opened up about her crucial role in helping her son, Weasel aka Douglas Mayanja, regain his mental wellbeing following the tragic death of his singing partner, Mowzey Radio (Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo) in 2018.

For over a decade, Radio and Weasel formed an unparalleled duo known as Goodlyfe Crew, churning hits like Bread and Butter, Nakudata, Ntunga and Neera. However, Radio passed away in 2018 at Case Clinic in Kampala following injuries sustained during a bar brawl.

In an interview, Prossy, who is also the mother of singers Pallaso, Jose Chameleone and the late AK 47, revealed that Weasel was emotionally affected by the loss of his close friend.

“When Radio died, Weasel was on the verge of losing his sanity. He was completely broken, but as a mother, I noticed the signs and offered him the necessary assistance. However, it was a challenging process,” shared Prossy.

Prossy Mayanja (right-front) at All Souls’ Day at Rubaga Cathedral on November 2, 2022. Photo by Mariam Nakalema

She further explained that to help him recover, she engaged in regular conversations with him, providing counselling and demonstrating that it was possible to move forward independently.

“I understood that Weasel needed guidance and an outlet to relieve the immense stress he was carrying. I made sure to have consistent conversations with him, reminding him that despite the overwhelming loss, life must continue,” Prossy said.

She acknowledged that although Weasel managed to get back on his feet, he didn’t fully heal from the pain, but learnt to cope with the situation.

“The burden of sorrow didn’t completely dissipate, but he learnt to carry on without his friend,” Prossy expressed.

However, she expressed disappointment with the media for exacerbating Weasel’s situation by criticising him over allegedly failing to sustain the Goodlyfe music label after Radio’s death.

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