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‘We were strengthening our relationship’- Randy Kisoro couple

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

The Kisoro couple captured on camera lost in the throes of passion by the roadside, claim they were ‘strengthening their relationship’

The Kigezi Region Public Relations Officer Elly Matte reveals that following the public outcry, the amorous couple, Muhawenimana Colodine Mukamulenzi, 24 and , Hafashimana Paskari, 29 were arrested.

“We have in custody, two suspects, who were captured in a video that went viral, allegedly participating in acts of public nuisance. The duo appeared to be indulging in acts of street sex, along the road in Kisoro Municipality,” he said.

Hafashimana Paskari, and Colodine Mukamulenzi are behind bars (Photo: courtesy)

The Kampala Sun has learnt that the couple confessed to the act but claim they were simply ‘strengthening their relationship’.

Paskari, a bicycle rider at Travellers Hotel stage in Kisoro municipality, begged for forgiveness saying they were first time offenders.  Paskari denied being drunk at the time and coercing Colodine into the act in broad day light, claiming the feeling was mutual as she willingly held onto his prized bicycle as he made his rear moves.

According to Elly Matte, they will be charged in court with public nuisance due to their acts of annoyance to the public.


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