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We sent Feffe Bussi to Gulu to spy – Nubian Li blows rapper’s cover

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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Nubian Li has revealed that it was them that sent his brother in-law, rapper Feffe Bussi to Gulu when artistes were meeting the leaders of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) about three months ago.
According to him, they particularly sent the Who is who rapper to go and spy on the activities there for them, a task he did very well, brought back loads of information that even enabled him record a song he aptly titled Gulu. Feffe told them about how he saw money in sacks and the terrible conditions the artistes there were subjecting themselves to in hotels.
That said, he also added that he kept his brother in-law out of the local music industry after he was cautioned by the father to protect him from the music industry and its shenanigans until he finished form six. And that when Feffe Bussi finished, he picked him from school himself.
“When I met Feffe Bussi, his father asked me not to take him to do music. He was a big fan of Bobi Wine’s. He kept telling me please, my throat is itching, I want to do music. I told him no, finish form six first. When he did, I went and picked him up myself. We had a studio in Kamwokya, I took and introduced him to the music producers who liked him because he was disciplined and talented. His career started,” he narrated.
This was while giving a speech at his wedding to his baby mama and Feffe Bussi’s sister, Salha Mutoni over the weekend.

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