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We must get pregnant on romantic Kabale trip, New Vision Valentine’s couples vow

by Editorial Team
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By Rebecca Rugyendo

“We must get pregnant on this trip,” announced Erina Bakanyebonera, a businesswoman from Sheema district, while tightly holding the hands of her husband, Felix Bakanyebonera.

Felix is a retired captain from the Uganda People’s Defence Forces since 1992, and is now a practicing lawyer in Kabale district.

Erina’s passionate declaration sent a group of two other lovebirds; Samuel Pule and Benna  Angwenyo, who hail from Soroti and are based in Kampala, together with Emmanuel and Sara Musasizi from Mbarara, who were sitting across them, into fits of joyous laughter.

The night was surely going to be explosive when the lights went off!

“Stay close to me, this is for better, for worse,” Erina continued, compelling Counsel Bakanyebonera to hold her hand and squeeze it gently while laughing the evening away.

This happened at a three-day fully sponsored romantic trip to the cool hills of Kigezi for three couples who qualified by just buying the New Vision for 10 days. The competition ran from February 9 to 18.

On their first stopover at Lukaya, Angwenyo, who works with Spring Pharmacy, and Pule, a university lecturer, were all over each other, hugging tightly as our cameras clicked away.

One of the couples posing at the Equator. Photos by Simon Peter Tumwine

They could not hide their excitement as the tour guide explained what it means to be crossing the Equator in Uganda, which is one of 13 countries in the world where it passes.

After enjoying hot muchomo and tasty gonja in Lukaya, the couples made a stopover in Mbarara, where Barbra Arinaitwe, the proprietor of Villagio Eco Residencies in Kabale, and the host treated them to yet another mouth-watering lunch at Dreamwood Suites on the Mbarara-Bushenyi Road.

By this time, the couples were waking up to the realisation that what was awaiting them was nothing they have experienced in their daily hustle. It was giving them a sample of the juicy meals and experiences that awaited them in Kabale and Kisoro the following day.

Now snuggling into each other’s arms over dinner at Villagio Eco Residencies, with romantic jazz music playing softly in the background, Bakanyebonera reaffirmed his undying love for his beautiful bride.

“I got married to this beautiful lady from Sheema (Erina) on December 11, 2021. We are the newest couple here,” he announced, to thunderous applause from the rest of the couples.

At two months old in marriage, the Bakanyeboneras are on a honeymoon roll this weekend, thanks to New Vision.

“We expect to bond more as a married couple on this trip,” he added.

“I love marriage. I love being married and I am thrilled that Vision Group and Villagio Eco Exclusive Residences have brought us here – not side dishes, but us, with our “originals”. These are the ones we legitimately own, our husbands. It is sheer bliss. We shall forever be indebted to Vision Group, I don’t know how, but we shall continue to buy New Vision and watch TV West. I am extremely glad to be on this trip, to see how the Iteso and Bakiga do it differently from me, a Munyankole. Trust me, from this trip, my husband will be receiving a cocktail of love,” Sarah Musasizi, who has been married to Emmanuel Musasizi for less than a year, says.

To crown the romantic night, Erina reminded the couples about what this trip was really about for them. “My Husband Felix and I were not tempted to touch when we were dating. I was in Sheema and he was here (Kabale). I thank Vision Group for showing that things can happen even when you don’t see. You have to believe.”

Villagio Eco Exclusive Residences is one of the most heavenly romantic gateways in the south-western part of Uganda. It boasts of an executive aura, endearing hospitality, and memorable treats that must be experienced in this lifetime.

Having been on the road from Kampala for close to 10 hours, on a fun-filled Valentine’s road trip, there could not have been a better way to get this party going than this. You know there is something about ambience and setting that awakens even the most docile of hearts.
Walking hand in hand on a hill, sitting at dinner with your loved one, holding hands, feeding each other, and smiling at nothing was all the rage as couples wound down the exciting day!

Villagio Eco Residences is located on Plot 17, Dundas Road, Makanga Hill in Kabale district.










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