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We do not share international contacts because music is a competition – The Mith

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By Ahmad Muto
Rapper Tom ‘The Mith’ Mayanja has rubbished the claims by a section of artistes accusing their established colleagues of not sharing international contacts with them. He has said music is a competition and there is no single person who is going to share their only edge with a competitor.
“It is true artistes do not share their international contacts because they want to take charge. It is very unfortunate. Let me be blunt here, another artiste is looking at you as competition,” he said.
The Mith added that those artistes should look at Jose Chameleone who left Uganda for Kenya on a stool in a bus corridor, but consider thay now have the internet. Therefore, the likes of Lydia Jazmine and Fik Fameica should focus on the advantage they have today.
He noted that he has adapted to the digital age himself and sends emails to the people he wants to network with and is also being contacted by people far from Uganda.
“Me I will go to the person I want to talk to or send an email. No one is supposed to help. If you want a contact, I am sure there is a website with an email on the person’s bio. You send. My email is on my Twitter page and I receive emails from as far as Ghana and respond,” he explained.
Last week, singer Vampino accused his brother, Maurice Kirya of being one of the Ugandan artistes that have travelled the most around the globe, but are selfish with their contacts. He also mentioned Eddy Kenzo who has travelled the world, but has not elevated any other artiste using his contacts.

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