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We are a match made in heaven, Suzan Makula

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Suzan Nantaba Makula, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’ s consort has come out to defend her reason for loving him against all odds. 

The couple that has been in the dock at Entebbe magistrate’s court over bigamy, has been private.

 However, in a rare interview, Susan Makula reveals that she is not bothered by snide remarks from the public, mostly those who call her a home wrecker.   

She says anyone can call her whatever they want since she has no moral authority to stop people from thinking and saying whatever they want about her.

“I don’t have control over anyone’s opinion so I’m not shaken by their thoughts and criticism. What I do is to only control my mouth and act deaf to their comments,” she says.

Suzan Makula stressed that falling in love with Pastor Bugingo was a match that was made in heaven and that when it was time for them to become husband and wife, everything smoothly fell in line.

When asked to explain what about her attracts Pastor Bugingo the most, Makula said she also doesn’t know. But what she is sure of is that they are meant to be.

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